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Risk Management has a library of Safety Videos, which are available for check out.  Videos offer refreshers on a number of important safety topics.  If your department is interested in checking out one of the videos listed below, please feel free to contact our office at 956-727-6480 or stop by our office located at 1102 Bob Bullock Loop (City Hall Annex), 2nd floor.

  Title # Version Name
1 T364 E Egress Exit Safety
2 T365 E Fire Prevention
3 T366 E Machine Safety Guards
4 T367 E Accident Reporting
5 T012 E The Signal (Hand Signals)
6 T015 E Electrical Burns
7 T021 S Star Witness – Accident Reporting
8 T032 E Foot Closer To Safety (Foot Safety)
9 T042 S Handling The Heat (Heat Stress)
10 T059 S A Shocking Experience (Shock)
11 T077 E Lone Driver
12 T103 S Trenching  Safety I
13 T108 S Trenching Safety II
14 T115 E First Aid Kits
15 T120 S Driving Defensively I
16 T136 S Driving Defensively II
17 T128 E Pumping Air
18 T132 S Safetyman – Chapter I
19 T134 S Safetyman – Chapter II
20 T158 E The Five-Minute Inspection
21 T168 E Computeritis
22 T172 E Dealing With Doggie Dangers
23 T178 E Amputation Injuries
24 T184 E Digging Up Trouble
25 T197 E Barricade Tape
26 T208 S Permit Required Confined Space
27 T211 S Tractor-Loader-Backhoe
28 T223 E Speeding (Trucks)
29 T225 E Water Safety
30 T238 E Lab Safety I – Chemical Hazards
31 T243 E Lab Safety
32 T239 E Backing Up
33 T245 E City Driving
34 T247 E Office Safety – Personal Workspace
35 T252 E Self-Contained Respirators (SCBA) 1
36 T253 E Self-Contained Respirators (SCBA) 2
37 T263 S Employee Responsibilities
38 T281 E Workstation Ergonomics – Eye Strain
38 T282 E Workstation Ergonomics – Part 2
40 T288 E Whose Job Is It Anyway? Confined Space
41 T289 E HAZWOPER 1
42 T290 E HAZWOPER 2
43 T291 E Pulling Trailers
44 T292 E HAZ MAT Overview
45 T300 S Near Misses
46 T312 E Defensive Driving – Principals
47 T313 E Defensive Driving – Strategies
48 T318 E Eye Injuries – 3D Graphic
49 T324 E Introduction To Safety: Office Safety
50 T332 E Cellular Phones and the Two-Way
51 T343 S HAZCOM: Your Right to Know
52 T345 S HAZCOM: Labels
53 T014 S Basic Ergonomics
54 T016 S Watch Your Load (Cargo Storage)
55 T024 S Beating A Blowout (Vehicles)
56 T033 S Battling Fatigue
57 T039 S Judge, Jury & Executioner
58 T060 S Chains & Safety
59 T062 S Repetitive  Strain Injuries
60 T063 S Tag Your It (Lock out/Tag Out)
61 T064 S Short Cut To Disaster Part One
62 T066 S Forklift Safety
63 T070 S Short Cut To Safety Part Two
64 T074 S Fueling A Machine
65 T078 S Car jacks
66 T079 S Stress In The Workplace
67 T080 S Falls
68 T091 S Night Driving
69 T096 S Smoking
70 T102 E Getting Your Back Into it
71 T105 E Nice Trip, See You Next Fall
72 T107 E Timing Is Everything (Shiftwork)
73 T121 S Just Horsing Around
74 T124 S Machine Safety Guards
75 T129 E Barricade Safety – The Forbidden
76 T131 E The Moment of Impact
77 T147 S Sexual Harassment
78 T164 E Safety in Unfamiliar Places
79 T196 E Breast Cancer: Reducing the Risk
80 T205 E Cutting Cancer Risks
81 T213 E Hand Tool Safety
82 T216 S Lockout/Tagout (Non-Electrical)
83 T220 E Falling Objects
85 T242 E Happiness Hal’s Holiday Hints
86 T246 E ChlorineT249
87 T257 E Intersections
88 T271 E Violence In The Workplace
89 T272 E Head Injuries
90 T274 S Electrical Safety Work Practices
91 T297 S Personal Protective Equipment
92 T298 E Hoe To Prepare For An OSHA Inspection
93 T299 E Workplace Fatalities: Most Common
94 T301 E Repetitive Stress Injuries
95 T304 E The Temple of Doom – Drugs & Alcohol
96 T306 E Personal Fall Arrest Systems
97 T332 E Seatbelt and Airbags
98 T334 E Hazardous Chemicals
99 T339 E Supervisor Safety Responsibilities
100 T353 E Working Around Flammables & Combustibles: Hazards
101 T358 E Steps to Ladder Safety
102 T361 E Driver Safety Begins With Attitude
103 T362 E First Aid For Bleeding
104 T363 E Good Housekeeping is Good Safety
105     Ladder Safety Webinar
106     TMLIRP Making Safety a Habit Webinar


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